Recording system

System for the recording, management, control, storage and administration of communications carried out through different telephone channels, telephone exchange extensions, radio, mobile devices, etc.

  • Recording of any type of line, link or communication system (PSTN, PBX, IP-PBX, radio, mobile, …) in combination of different channels in the same system (TDM, VoIP, PBX, IP-PBX).
  • Integration with telephone systems from various manufacturers (Avaya, Cisco, Siemens, etc.) or open technology (Asterisk), specific systems (Etrali, IPC), radio systems, TETRA, etc.
  • Aimed at security customers, critical communications and the public sector that need to record the content of the organization’s communications in an information system, recording for different operational or regulatory needs.


Recording of communications

Recording processing

Management, operation and evaluation


multichannel recording

Hybrid, analogical, digital, SIPREC, EUROCAR, mobile scenarios.


Security standards for data transfer and management.

legal regulations

Compliance with MiFID II, PCI, 27001, 22301, among others.

on-site solutions

Customer solution and integration of communications infrastructure.

cloud solutionS

Cloud services on high availability infrastructure.


operations control

Record of telephone communications, radio and related screens generated during the dispatch of the control and operations centers for critical infrastructures.

Emergencies / Public Safety

Registration, location, reproduction and evaluation of communications in multi-agency emergency dispatch centers, ensuring compliance with international regulations.


Regulatory compliance, availability of recording operations between agents and clients, and compliance with financial regulations.

transport control

Recording in the same environment of all operator station communications, both voice communications and operating console signals.

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