F24 reinforces its market position in Spain

ALERT24 · 01-30-2023

The Spanish platform for emergency notification “ALERT24” is already part of the F24 product portfolio. Affiliate of F24 Servicios de Comunicación, S.L.U. has taken over the corresponding business unit of VOID Sistemas S.L. by the end of 2022. ALERT24 users are mainly companies in the aviation and infrastructure sector in Spain.

Juan Manuel Gil, Managing Director of F24 Servicios de Comunicación, states: “We are delighted to expand our market coverage in Spain with this step and we are convinced that ALERT24 users will benefit from our extensive product portfolio and extensive experience in business resilience.”

During 2022 F24 has completed several acquisitions to strengthen its European leadership position in the market and continue its buy and build strategy.

Dr. Joerg Rahmer, spokesperson for the F24 Executive Board, emphasizes: “In 2022 we continue our growth path accordingly and are very pleased that ALERT24 users join F24. This step not only successfully completed our growth organic in 2022, but also strengthens our position as the clear leader in the area of resilience in Europe.”


Void Sistemas is a Spanish company based in Madrid (Spain) founded in 1996 as a provider of technology and innovation focused on the development, provision of services and commercialization of telephone control, recording and alert communications systems, for all Control personnel. and Management in the corporate area, Public Administration and Security.

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